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About the project

The parks and community gardens at the heart of our society, and the countryside beyond our towns and cities are important parts of our heritage, and yet many of our best-loved green spaces are in need of regeneration and investment.

Money from The National Lottery is helping to put this right: we’re supporting groups and organisations to rejuvenate historic parks and gardens, making sure that their history is understood and explained, and that the local community has a say in their future.

Because of this parks across the UK have benefitted from a wealth of improvements; paths and entrances have been repaired and made more welcoming, bandstands and monuments have been restored, lakes have been de-silted, thousands of shrubs and trees have been planted, seasonal planting has been reintroduced, interpretative information has been installed, multi-use learning centres have been created, community cafes have been opened, play areas have been refurbished, toilets have been reopened, and perhaps most importantly, hundreds of parks have been made more accessible to people of all abilities so that everyone in the local community can enjoy them.

The Heritage Lottery Fund also supports training for the volunteers and staff who will care for our parks now and in the years to come. As a result many people have gained skills and employment through Lottery funded park projects, and can ensure that these fantastic spaces remain in excellent condition for future generations to enjoy.

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