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About the project

A social enterprise established as a Community Interest Company, The Brink, an alcohol free bar and entertainment venue in the heart of Liverpool, supports people affected by addiction, helping them to create and maintain positive life changes. It has so far supported 852 people to make such changes.

As a vibrant, quirkily stylish bar/café that warmly welcomes and caters to the general public as a whole, The Brink helps break down barriers of misunderstanding between mainstream society and people with addictions, thereby challenging stigma.

In a society where socialising is almost invariably accompanied by alcohol, the Brink offers a safe environment both for those seeking to sustain a personal recovery from addiction and to people looking to enjoy themselves without the pressure to consume alcohol.
Recovery from addiction is not about not doing something. It is about creating a whole new, healthier way of living.  Recovery is creative and creativity flourishes at the Brink in the cooking, the music, the art and entertainment as well as the human interaction.

The Brink hosts a regular event called Beetroot which is ever increasing in popularity for those concerned with Health and Wellbeing. The event is so popular that on a number of occasions we have filled the venue to capacity and for one Beetroot had to stop taking cancellation requests because, besides a full booking, we had 50 on the cancellation list.
Because The Brink is a bar, it is not obviously an addiction recovery centre but that’s why many people find it a non-threatening place to approach for help and there are staff available discreetly to help guide and support them.  Once into recovery there are programmes to help people gain employable skills.

Am ragor o wybodaeth am The Brink ymwelwch â'r wefan.

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