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4946 projects discovered in Edinburgh, City of

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  • Edinburgh Womens Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre


    Grant Amount: £591,029

    This project will help women and girls who have suffered from sexual violence and/or abuse to gain confidence and help to move on with their lives. The project will benefit 4,147 people and 100 organisations in Central East and South East Scotland over years. The project will employ a Training Development Worker and Support Worker who will enhance and add substantial value to the training and support work already undertaken by the group. The grant will fund salary costs.

  • St Mary's Cathedral


    Grant Amount: £586,000

    St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh - Restoration

  • The Action Group


    Grant Amount: £583,237

    This project will help people with learning disabilities/other support needs and/or their carers to develop their financial capacity. The dedicated support staff will provide welfare rights advice, financial inclusion guidance, support and representation tailored to the needs of the client group during the current welfare reform agenda. Activities will include outreach work, home visits, training and workshop sessions. The grant will fund staff costs, premises, running costs and a small capital element.

  • Scottish Poetry Library


    Grant Amount: £576,831

    Towards the cost of constructing a purpose built centre for the Scottish Poetry Library.

  • The Rock Trust


    Grant Amount: £574,049

    The project seeks to support young people who are in the process of leaving care. Helping them to improve their relationship formation and social skills. The project will also help them move into employment, training, education or volunteering roles. The five year grant will fund salaries, office support costs, office accommodation, groupwork costs, printing costs, stationery materials, accountancy costs, IT costs, publicity materials and marketing materials.

  • Lead Scotland (Linking Education and Disability)


    Grant Amount: £572,763

    This Organisation Exists To Empower And Enable Physically Disabled And/Or Sensory Impaired Adults In Scotland To Access Education, Training And Lifelong Learning Opportunities. This Project Will Enable Them To Employ Additional Staff To Develop The Quality And Service Of Existing Service Whilst Increasing The Self Confidence And Skills Of Individuals Which In Turn Will Improve Quality Of Life And Access To Opportunities. This Three Year Millennium Grant Will Fund The Salaries Of One Full-Time Project Manag

  • Columba 1400


    Grant Amount: £568,845

    This project will support the expansion of an existing young people's leadership programme targeting young people aged between 14 - 24 from disadvantaged backgrounds, the project aims to build upon and sustain the impact of the leadership programme on the young person. The project based in Skye and Loch Lomond serves the Central Belt. The grant will be used to fund salaries, recruitment, staff training, research costs and evaluation costs.

  • Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association


    Grant Amount: £568,069

    This project will improve the financial capability and financial inclusion of housing association tenants. Tenants will be able to access one-to-one financial and debt advice support via agency/self-referral. Support will continue until debt advice soluti

  • Social Iceberg Foundation


    Grant Amount: £555,000

    Building On Current Work To Provide Innovative ,Experimental Intergrated Se

  • Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of


    Grant Amount: £554,000

    Treasured Places - One hundred years of recording

  • Lead Scotland


    Grant Amount: £551,802

    This project aims to increase the confidence, skills and knowledge of people with disabilities enabling them to become more active as citizens and to become involved in shaping services. It also aims to increasing disabled people's knowledge of their rights and to empower them to exercise these rights. The grant will fund salaries, travel expenses, an external evaluation, planning workshops, launch events, volunteer expenses, promotion, IT equipment, running costs and organisational overheads.

  • Social Firms Scotland


    Grant Amount: £547,745

    The project will work with new and existing members who will act as host organisations for acquiring 6-10 small to medium sized businesses and converting them to social firms. Through this work it is hoped that a replicable model for acquisition will be developed in Scotland and that 50 employment opportunities for the severely disadvantaged will be created. This 3.5-year grant will fund legal fees, professional fees and salaries.

  • Dance Base Limited


    Grant Amount: £529,972

    Supplementary request to award ref: L199510076

  • Lothian NHS


    Grant Amount: £523,791

    NHS Lothian's Umbrella Grant Scheme aims to develop and expand multidisciplinary working in palliative care, increase access to palliative care services and expand palliative care approaches to people with non-malignant disorders. The Umbrella grant scheme consists of 4 third party projects and has a strong emphasis on conditions other than cancer.

  • Action on Smoking and Health (Scotland)


    Grant Amount: £511,046

    This four-year project, based in Scotland, is led by Action on Smoking and Health Scotland (ASH Scotland), in partnership with the University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh. This project will deliver research that will help community health workers reduce children+s exposure to second-hand smoke, particularly in deprived communities. Second-hand smoke (SHS) has been linked to child ill-health including respiratory problems, middle ear disease, asthma and cot death.

  • Napier University


    Grant Amount: £500,000

    The Screen Academy Scotland

  • Royal Lyceum Theatre Company Limited


    Grant Amount: £500,000

    Towards the cost of stabilising finances and facilitating longer term planning essential for development

  • Netherbow: Scottish Storytelling Centre, The


    Grant Amount: £500,000

    Towards the cost of supplementary funding for the project to establish a resource centre for national storytelling network

  • Three Rivers Ltd/Holdings Ecosse Ltd


    Grant Amount: £500,000

    Towards the production costs of Terence Davies' adaptation of Edith Wharton's House of Mirth

  • Raging Star Films Limited


    Grant Amount: £500,000

    Towards the cost of a film based on the early life of Mary, Queen of Scots