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About the project

Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd was formed to purchase and re-open the Butcher’s Arms, funded by locals in the Lyvennet community. Their most recent project involved the conversion of the pub’s dilapidated upstairs rooms into a single large room to be used for community events, such as family gatherings, their regular health and wellbeing club, computer classes, photography club, housing group and local community group meetings.

National Lottery funding has paid for the conversion of the rooms into a single space. An outbuilding was gutted and revamped to be used as a dry storage space for the upstairs furniture, and the rooms themselves were gutted and revamped for the new single space. The grant also funded the installation of specialist fire equipment such as an automatic fire blind and a fire escape from the 2nd floor.

The project has been very successful, providing a space for all parts of the Lyvennet community to use and meet together.

For more information about Lyvennet Community Pub visit the website.

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