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About the project

Veterans in Communities offers support and activities to ex-servicemen and their family members in East Lancashire, many of whom face mental health problems as a result of their experiences in service. Their art group provides arts and crafts classes for veterans and their families, and exhibits their works in local exhibitions and large galleries such as the Tate in London. The project aims to provide a space for people who may feel socially isolated to meet together, and utilises the therapeutic qualities of art to improve the happiness and mental health of veterans.

Funding from the National Lottery helped to set up the art group, providing arts and crafts materials and advertising resources, so that the group could expand to more local and needed areas. The group now has the facilities to create art in all mediums, including oil painting, model making, rock painting, ceramic painting, costume jewellery and candle craft.

The VIC art group has been hugely beneficial to its veteran members, their families and the volunteers who teach them and hold the classes. Veterans now have a place to express their experiences through art.

For more information about VIC Art Group visit the website.

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