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About the project

Discover Children’s Story Centre is an interactive, creative literature venue in Stratford, East London, that aims to build literacy and communication skills in children aged 0-11 and their families. The project reaches over 77,000 children and adults each year.

Activities offered at Discover include: illustrator and author-led workshops, skills development sessions for teachers, emerging writers and illustrators, and The Children’s Forum, where 30 children aged between 6 and 11 years meet every month to discuss various issues relating to the Centre. Discover’s literature festival, The Big Write, promoted children’s books and reading for pleasure to one of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK. 66% of participants in the Festival were Newham residents, enabling people in an area with one of the lowest levels of arts engagement in the UK to be involved with leading children’s writers and illustrators.

Funding from the National Lottery contributes to the workshops held at Discover, delivering 75 events to over 2000 people, as well as the production and holding of The Big Write.

The project has really succeeded in bringing communities together in appreciation of the importance of children’s reading. “Children are children and only they know what they like that’s why our opinion counts. If adults want to make all the decisions every child would be stuck in a nightmare – typing, writing and doing hard work. This is why Discover is here to turn children’s frowns upside down." - Ammaarah, aged 11

For more information about Discover Children's Story Centre visit the website.

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