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About the project

The group aims to give children in the area everyday adventures by running a range of activities throughout the year. National Lottery funding is being used to cover the cost of building work to remove a corrugated asbestos roof on their scout hut and replace it with a new one. This will create a safe place for the children to meet each week and enjoy their time together.

Each session encourages the children to take part in a number of activities which include camping, climbing, kayaking, skiing, bushcraft and abseiling, all of which promote outdoor play and healthy lifestyles. The club also run sailing, hiking, crafts and pioneering to give the children a wide range of things to participate in to encourage everyone to find something they are good at and something they enjoy taking part in. Now that that roof has been replaced, the hut that they meet in is warmer, safer and more appealing for everyone involved in the club, which has helped to attract more young people to join the scouts.

The 4th Rochford Scout Group is lucky to own a large secure hall and activity field and is known for their excellent facilities and equipment. Thanks to Lottery funding, they are able to maintain their reputation as a safe club with their new environmentally friendly roof that also offers extra insulation to keep the children warm during the winter meetings.

For more information about 4th Rochford Scout Group visit the website.

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