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About the project

Postpartum Psychosis affects around 1,400 women in the UK each year and although most women make a full recovery, some suffer tragic outcomes. PP is an emergency situation and new mothers usually need to be admitted with their babies to a Mother & Baby Unit.

It is among the most stigmatised conditions within mental health and women face stigma and misunderstanding within their local communities. For decades, families have hidden the condition and lived with a sense of shame. PP often affects women who haven’t had previous mental health problems.

Since launching our project in June 2012, APP has provided information and peer support to women and their families. Through collaboration with world-leading experts on PP, specialist health professionals, and those with experience of the condition, we have written a series of guides and online content. Our peer support forum enables women and families to talk to others with personal experience, and women and partners can use our one-to-one email service to receive support from one of 20 volunteers who help to run the project. Workshops enable affected women or partners to meet face-to-face, and develop resources to help other families. Personal stories, short films, artwork, research from academic groups worldwide, and information about how to get help for PP are all available through the website.

Our support forum now has 725 members, each of our guides has been downloaded over 7000 times, and our website receives 15,000 hits per month. One woman commented: “There is so much hope now and I’m no longer ashamed of my condition. I'm so thankful to the team for lifting me from the shadows and I hope to do the same for anyone I can help on the forum.”

For more information about Action on Postpartum Psychosis visit the website.

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