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About the project

With funding from The National Lottery, Falls Community Council in Belfast extended access to musical equipment and services for people in the local area. A grant was invested in new studio equipment and training programmes, helped extend the school and community outreach work run by the Active Mobile Productions Solutions (AMPS) scheme. AMPS offered a weekly drop-in session at the council’s existing studio facilities, which also benefited from the Lottery funding. The sessions were attended by local musicians, ranging from up-and-coming new talents to more experienced artists.

“We had everyone from heavy-metallers to classical musicians and dance music producers – the whole array,” says AMPS Manager Sal Brennan. “The drop-in has created a local network, where people can share ideas and develop projects, individually and collectively.”

AMPS also worked with eight local secondary schools to develop programmes for students aged 11-16, as well as A-level media studies courses. Lottery funding enabled the project to buy more equipment for ‘location kits’ taken into schools for students to use. Organisers of the scheme were keen to get local people involved in audio projects. They collaborated with an Irish language school to develop the musical score for a theatrical production, and with Lottery funding AMPS was able to run more projects in the community. “We left it to the young people to dictate what the programmes are about,” says Sal.

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