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About the project

The ARC Centre responds to the needs of the local community by providing opportunities to enable and empower people to develop their own resources for creative and healthy living. The ARC Healthy Living Centre aims to address health inequalities and improve the well-being of local people by bringing together a partnership of community health activities and services.

 ARC provides shared space, basing a range of health and well being services within the Centre. The ARC actively promotes community participation and volunteering services are run for local people, by local people. Strengthening the role and impact of ill health prevention: A range of early and upstream interventions are delivered through the ARC. Currently they deliver: community pharmacy service, smoking cessation, sexual health services, drug and alcohol education and treatment services.

ARC core projects also deliver and support nutritional programmes, and cancer early detection and prevention initiatives. It has received more than £500,000 of National Lottery funding.

For more information about ARC Healthy Living Centre visit the website.

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