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About the project

Arkwright Meadows Community (AMC) Gardens is situated in the heart of inner city Nottingham. Prior to 2001, the site was a disused, derelict and rubbish-strewn piece of land. Thanks to National Lottery funding, and the work of many volunteers, it has been transformed into a wonderful green oasis and outdoor learning environment.

The gardens are run by local people and are open to the public throughout the week, providing a place of relaxation and recreation just minutes from the city centre. National Lottery funding helped to build an energy-efficient ‘Eco Building’ which includes a kitchen and training room where people can learn how to cook the produce they grow in the gardens.
Every element of AMC Gardens has been developed by local residents and they are involved in every aspect of the garden, from tending crops, baking bread in the Tandoor Oven (housed outside in a straw bale building built by local people), making chutney in the kitchen, looking after the hens or planting different species of vegetables from around the world. The sense of mission, mutual support and the very visible results of their hard work, all strengthen the community by building new friendships, confidence and skills.

For more information about Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens visit the website.

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