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About the project

The new Ayrshire Athletics Arena provides state of the art facilities for athletics and sports training. The project was made possible in part by National Lottery Funding. John Griffiths, Head of Service, said: “The Ayrshire Athletics Arena has been custom built as a catalyst for the development of disability sport in the area.”

The facilities are fully accessible, with an average of 40 disabled adults arriving at the centre every week to attend classes including an all ability cycling club called Funky Bikes. A comprehensive programme of events includes activities targeted at all corners of the community, such as Golden Olympics for over-50s, Teen Track Circuits for rising stars and Mums on the Run, a class for new mums who run pushing their babies in their prams. Scottish Rugby Union, Scottish Archery and Javelin Scotland in partnership with Scottish Athletics use the facility to host training camps and workshops for their top sporting stars.

This is good news for enthusiastic archer, 55-year-old Frank. Frank was serving in the armed forces in Northern Ireland in 1996 when an explosion left him needing artificial knee joints, and reliant on a combination of a walking stick and wheelchair to get around. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he knew needed to start getting out of the house if his condition was going to improve and took up archery.

The fully accessible facilities have made it easy for Frank to train in state of the art surroundings. He has been invited to try out to represent Scotland in the 2016 games in Rio, and having first class facilities at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena should go some way to helping him achieve his dream.

For more information about Ayrshire Athletics Arena visit the website.

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