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About the project

More than 10 million people in the UK suffer from deafness or a significant hearing difficulty, and it is estimated that nearly 35,000 children and young people under 25 years old have permanent deafness.  Deafness Research UK devised the Bionic Ear Show to promote awareness of hearing problems and tell people how to protect their ears. The show travels to communities up and down the UK, teaching children and adults of all ages how sound travels through the ear to the brain and promoting safe listening in a fun, interactive and educational way.

“Eight in 10 children will have had an ear infection by the time they’re three, so helping parents understand how to protect their children’s hearing is so important,” says Andrew Godwin of Deafness Research UK . “And with adults, doing something as easy as getting your hearing tested can help identify problems and make a real difference to people’s quality of life.”

For more information about The Bionic Ear Show visit the website.

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