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About the project

Children’s theatre company Cahoots has a simple but very effective aim: to provide theatre for children of the same high quality as that produced for adults. Several Lottery grants have helped the company achieve its ambition, providing shows and workshops to children around Belfast.

Today, Cahoots writes, develops and performs children’s shows in venues around the country. As well as putting on performances for young people, Cahoots holds workshops, often taking theatre to those who may not be able to access it easily, such as students with special educational needs and children in hospitals and hospices . It also takes theatre into schools, making it part of the curriculum. The programme Lights, Camera, Math-a-Magic aims to get children excited about maths by using magic tricks.

“Children are not just the audience of the future. They are the audience right now,” says the company's Founder. “Before we started in 2001, the only professional theatre for children was at panto season.”

For more information about Cahoots visit the website.

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