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About the project

Many offenders can find it hard readjusting to life outside of prison, some slip in to bad habits quickly and find themselves making poor choices that result in them being in the same positions as they were prior to offending. The Chrysalis Programme's goal is to help offenders, to make better choices, reintegrate back into their lives post-release and break the cycle of reoffending by stimulating and jump starting their thinking through enabling them to think more positively whilst helping to improve their self-esteem, confidence and hope.

National Lottery funding is helping over 250 participants complete the Chrysalis Programme, whilst also enabling expand Chrysalis' delivery from HMP Oakwood to two other prisons across the UK. If just 30% of the 1000 participants, who have already successfully completed the Chrysalis Programme, leave prison and do not reoffend, this would equate to a public purse saving, in prison costs of just over £10 million. A participant who took part in the Chrysalis programme said that the project helped him realise he had a choice:

"I suddenly became aware and self-conscious that I had a choice in how I responded to what was happening in my life. It completely changed my attitude and made me realise that I was holding myself back from achieving more. Chrysalis helped me break a vicious circle."

"The Chrysalis Programme is without doubt the most impactful intervention I have ever encountered in the 23 years that I have worked in prisons." – John McLaughlin, Director, HMP Oakwood

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch