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About the project

“My aim for Drumatik was to create a drumming group that would be recognised for the quality of the music and skill of the drummers, and not to be patronised because many of the members have a learning disability.  I'm proud to say, we have achieved this.” -  Michael Wallace, founding member of Drumatik

Drumatik, a community drumming group in West Fife is making a life-changing difference to the lives of its members.  The majority of the drum and percussion band’s members are adults with learning disabilities but Drumatik has proved that this is no barrier to getting involved in music and the arts. 

Three years ago Kirsty, a young lady with learning disabilities from Lochgelly, was becoming increasingly isolated, rarely leaving her flat due to her low self-esteem.  Drumatik has been a lifeline for Kirsty.  Since joining, her confidence has gone from strength to strength; she’s made 20 new friends and arrives early at rehearsals every week to help set the equipment up. She’s now an integral part of the group and a great support to others, even teaching them some of the basic patterns and songs. 

Adults with learning difficulties may struggle to feel involved in their community, perhaps lacking faith in themselves.  By being part of a group and expressing themselves through fantastic music, the members of Drumatik have received a huge confidence boost as well as an exciting hobby which can take them all over Scotland to play gigs including world renowned events such as The Royal Highland Show and the West End Festival in Glasgow.  Last year Drumatik’s talent and success were recognised when the group was asked to perform at the Drogheda Samba Festival – a huge honour within the Samba fraternity.

Drumatik was a finalist in the 2012 National Lottery Awards.

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