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About the project

Fixers recently took part in a photo shoot, helping us to celebrate 20 years of National Lottery funding.

Fixers are young people aged 16 to 25 with different backgrounds, interests and life experiences, and come from all UK postcodes.  12,500 Fixers are using their experiences to prevent what happened to them happening to someone else.  They do this by telling their own stories in their own words. The issues tackled in some 1,500 projects include eating disorders, abuse, physical and mental health conditions, offending and cyberbullying.

Fixers provides tailored support for projects identified and led by young people. Fixing starts with an individuals’ personal experience and empathy for the issue. This motivates them to take action and to go on to encourage and inspire collective action.  They create their Fix and are given practical help. Working with media professionals they create unique first-hand content about their experiences to share with other people. Through this content (e.g. films, songs, websites and events) they raise awareness and engage local audiences in conversations so that others learn from their experience.

£7.2 million of National Lottery funding contributes towards the office space, equipment and the 80-strong staff who enable young people to ‘fix’ things.  There are countless examples of real impact from Jessica setting up support networks for people with dyspraxia, Sean talking about suicide; Stephen’s national good gestures campaign, spreading messages of positivity, Maddy tackling domestic abuse and Matthew’s challenge to explain to teachers about the needs of young carers.

The nature of the project – young people empowering themselves, helping others and bringing about change – is very powerful.

For more information about Fixers visit the website.

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