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About the project

Greenstead Community Centre is a meeting point for people living in and around Greenstead estate in Colchester. This National Lottery funded project helps to bring the local community together in a number of ways. Regular lunch groups for the elderly in the Centre’s, Filling Station Cafe, encourages them to get out and socialise with other residents. Evening events and groups throughout the week range from street dancing, line dancing, church groups and karate for all ages and abilities – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Lottery funding was used to cover the costs of building the Community Centre. Without it, many of these events and activities would not be able to take place. Greenstead Community Centre helps to improve the lives of Greenstead’s residents and those in the surrounding areas.

The project helps to empower the local residents by giving them a place to socialise with friends and families. Greenstead is an area of the country with some of the highest levels of deprivations, with many families experiencing high isolation. The Community Centre helps to change this by giving residents a voice on how the space is run.

For more information about Greenstead Community Centre visit the website.

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