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About the project

The Helix recently took part in a photo shoot, helping us to celebrate 20 years of National Lottery funding.

Falkirk Council had a vision to transform 350 hectares of landscape between Falkirk and Grangemouth in Scotland, into a thriving environmental space for the whole community to enjoy. 

With help from National Lottery funding, the space is being transformed into a major visitor destination. Those wanting to get involved in the project and make a difference to their natural heritage can get involved in a range of community based activities, volunteering opportunities and projects that are running throughout 2013 – 2016.

One of the most notable features within the development is the 100ft equine structures, known as The Kelpies. These beautiful pieces can be seen from far and wide and are lit up at night. 

The aim of this project is to create a complex where people can enjoy the outdoors and their local heritage. There are woodland parks, lined walking pathways, a canal, a lagoon and beach and much more for visitors to explore.

This once under-used land has now become a thriving greenspace, attracting visitors from far and wide. 

Facts and Figures:

  • Improved woodlands and 27 km's of new and improved walking and cycling paths, connecting access across 16 different  communities to The Helix and wider Falkirk area.
  • A new canal link and hub, forming a gateway to the Scottish Lowland Canals, adding new navigation for those travelling by canal boat into Falkirk and the wider Scotland.
  • The Helix has created multiple full time job opportunities, vast numbers of volunteer opportunities and numerous contracts and business opportunities for local trades and suppliers.
  • The Helix has given the tools for vast amounts of different community projects from a new beekeeping society, gardening groups, walking clubs and many more.
  • So far we have be able to create 25 direct training placements for volunteers in woodland management to help us take care of our local area and conserve the native wildlife and fauna.
  • This is all on top of creating a new park land, enhancing Falkirk districts portfolio of recreational spaces, complete with play areas, catering facilities, and the area's very first purpose build outdoor water sports lagoon.
  • And not forgetting The Kelpies! The world's largest equine sculptures and public art works guarding the new canal hub, The Kelpies have become an instant visitor attraction for the local area.  With worldwide media coverage including multiple television documentaries, 15,000 paying tour guests and 150,000 visitors in their first 2 months of opening -  The Kelpies have fast became the new cultural landmark for Scotland, putting Grangemouth and Falkirk on the tourism map.

For more information about The Helix visit the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch


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