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About the project

Nestling side-by-side in the quiet village of Helmshore, two original Lancashire textile mills, Higher Mill and Whitaker’s Mill, form Helmshore Mills Textile Museum. Visitors are invited to experience Lancashire’s unique role in the Industrial Revolution in a fun, hands-on environment.

The National Lottery has enabled much-needed improvements to be made to the museum. A wider range of people can now enjoy more of the exhibits, thanks to new ramps for wheelchairs and prams, accessible toilets and an induction loop system for those hard of hearing. In terms of exhibits, some of the original machinery has been restored, for exciting first-hand demonstrations of how raw wool and cotton were transformed into yarn.

The museum has also been able to install interactive displays and create engaging videos – helping visitors explore the history and understand Britain’s early technology in ever more dramatic ways.

For more information about Helmshore Mills Textile Museum visit the website.

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