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About the project

Its Our Theatre is a project set up so that disadvantaged young people can develop skills, confidence and self-belief through the use of creative arts. With the help of National Lottery funding the group has been able to grow its services encouraging more and more 13 – 19 year olds to take part.

The project uses Hip Hop to engage young members and help them learn. Encompassing dance, music, spoken word and visual arts, each cycle of the project starts with a road show where young people witness an energetic performance by leading Hip Hop artists. The following workshops are delivered by a team of highly respected professional artists who inspire the young people to create their own performance pieces. At the end of each intense workshop, teachers, friends and family members are invited to watch the young people perform, allowing them to showcase what they have learnt and created.

The project places young people at the heart of the decision making, giving them ownership, encouraging them to work together as a team, enabling them to take responsibility for producing and performing events both locally and nationally. National Lottery funding has made it possible for the project to cater for so many young people who have gone on to receive accreditation for their work.

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