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About the project


Jubilee Time After Time is a project run by Golden Oldies, a charity that aims to get the elderly population of South-West England out of their homes, socialising and singing.

Golden Oldies was set up with the purpose of tackling the increasing trend of isolation amongst older members of the community, people who might otherwise never leave the four walls of their home.

One of the ways it achieves this is through Jubilee Time After Time, a project that uses the spirit of the Jubilee to bridge the divide between younger and older generations.

Nowadays, the young and old no longer communicate leading to a decline in understanding and acceptance.

However, through art and design projects, concerts and social events, Jubilee Time After Time has enabled pupils to learn and share new skills with those who were at school at the time of the Queen's Coronation.

Raymond Friel, Headteacher St Gregory’s Catholic College, Bath, says: ‘Nowadays, older people do not comprehend younger age groups and often look upon them with suspicion and fear. Jubilee Time After Time seeks to tackle those fears and open up the channels of communication between the two generations. By getting through to the finals of The National Lottery Awards, we are one step closer to shutting down those prejudices for good. Winning this award would show all of us that that our hard work and results have been recognised."

Jubilee Time After Time was a finalist in the 2012 National Lottery Awards. 

For more information about Jubilee Time After Time visit the website.

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