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About the project

Living with WW1 is a year-long project exploring the effects of WW1 on the local community in Lurgan. The project focussed on five main themes - Home Front, Rural Life, Dig for Victory, the Suffragette Movement and The Land Girls, FWW music, concluding with a final exhibition and celebratory booklet. Each project utilised the museums’ existing buildings and artefacts along with forming pop up exhibitions in disused high street shops, attracting a diverse sector of the community to the exhibition.

National Lottery funding helped to produce the inaugural exhibition ‘Home Front’, which took place in a disused high street shop. The grant covered the costs of lecturers and room hire, research, exhibition artefacts and replicas, design and publicity of all exhibitions and workshops, creation of casual museum heritage guides, the exhibition and celebratory booklet.

The Home Front exhibition reached a wide range of the local community due to its very public location, with 6,145 people visiting. This particular exhibition depicted the story of both the Unionist and Nationalist perspective within WW1, which in itself dispelled some of the untruths about the war and helped to bring people together.

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