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About the project

The project’s professional musicians use a variety of instruments and styles to create music that is designed to encourage responses and interaction from people who might be unable to walk, talk, feed themselves or communicate in any way.

Lost Chord’s founder and Chief Executive, Helena Muller was inspired by her sister, Annette, who had a massive brain haemorrhage at the age of 33. While coming out of the coma Helena noticed that music seemed to have a crucial impact on Annette’s recovery - even when her sister couldn’t speak coherently, she could always remember and sing the words to songs that they both knew from the 60s. Music brought them both together and they shared moments and memories that were special to both of them.

She explains: “When I began Lost Chord in 1999 we were only able to visit 10 homes. Now, after three grants from the National Lottery we’re able to reach 110. All of our sessions are evaluated and we hear comments like ‘People with dementia have spoken for the first time’, ‘Those who normally show no reaction at all appear to have come to life again with music’ and ‘Those who have lost the power of speech have sung all the words to a familiar song in the right order. The funding has made a real difference.

Lost Chord is funded by The Big Lottery Fund

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