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About the project

Making Money Count offers everyday support with managing money to social housing tenants in the Fens or those facing financial issues. Money is difficult to talk about, and the project aims to provide a remedy to the lacking confidence often felt by people when dealing with financial problems.

The National Lottery funded the various support opportunities offered by the service. These include: pre-tenancy support involving one to one ‘ready to rent’ coaching sessions, visits from a New Horizons officer to offer advice on bills, budgeting and furniture to new tenants, and subsequent support throughout their years of tenancy, offering training, volunteering opportunities, internet access and community events.

The project also provides a New Horizons Bus service – a mobile advice and internet cafe which travels around Fenland, as well as an informative website, meaning financial advice is made readily available to all, regardless of mobility. In its first 20 months of delivery, Making Money Count reached over 4000 people in Fenland and given personal one to one support to over 600 people – mainly new social housing tenants.

“I’ve always tried to be independent, and not ask anyone for help, but I’m relieved this support was available. Paying for all the necessities on a low income is ridiculously hard….The fund helped us not have to go out and take a loan. It really made a difference.” - Lucy

For more information about Making Money Count visit the website.

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