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About the project

Memories of Ely Hospital brought the hidden history of a controversial institution to life through an exhibition of digital stories, research, workshops, shadow theatre and interactive drama held at The Cardiff Story Museum.

The exhibition sought to tell the stories of the men, women and children that lived and worked at the hospital. It hit the headlines when an enquiry in 1967 found serious flaws in the treatment of patients with learning disabilities, changing the way in which similar institutions were run.

Memories of Ely Hospital was coordinated by the members of Cardiff People First, which supports people with learning disabilities. Over 60 people took part in researching the stories, planning the exhibition, the digital story making, writing the publicity and coordinating the launch event. Some members even created an interactive drama to translate stories from the exhibition showing day-to-day life in the hospital.

The National Lottery supported the project to gather and edit material, and props, and also hold a series of workshops to create shadow theatre images inspired by the exhibition.

Memories of Ely Hospital was funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

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