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About the project

Misfits recently took part in a photo shoot, helping us to celebrate 20 years of National Lottery funding

The Misfits Theatre Company helps people with learning difficulties in Bristol have their voices and experiences heard. Each of the 35 members that currently make up the Company benefit from being part of a unique organisation which provides artistic, life skill development, volunteering, participation, employment and enterprise opportunities whilst also emphasising fun, independence, self-advocacy and creative practice. All of which helps challenge discrimination in society.
The Misfits communicate with their audiences by drawing on real life experiences of having a learning difficulty and being socially excluded. Through this sharing of experiences, the process can be both empowering and cathartic for the individuals involved. Topics often addressed in sessions include life skills, hate crime, dealing with challenging behaviour, relationships and sexuality.

Through drama, the members experience improved self-esteem, participation, decision-making and group working skills. It is a life-changing opportunity for many of the participants who often feel excluded from mainstream arts programmes.

For more information about The Misfits Theatre Company visit the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch