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About the project

Developed by the Burntwood community to combat anti-social behaviour in the area, the Morph4us project sees young people and local residents work together to improve the appearance of their local area. From two pop art bus stops, to a wall display at Chasetown Police Station, the project has brightened up the town and brought both young and elderly residents together.

With help from National Lottery funding, the Morph4us team could afford materials, staff and the help of local experts, who worked with the project volunteers around the town. One project that stands at Redwood Park depicts the past, present and future though a collage of photographs donated by the residents of Burntwood. Arranged across three 6ft metal plinths, historical facts are inscribed on the back, encouraging the public to stop, look and learn. This project marks one of the first that changed the negative perception of young people in the area, who were seen to be doing positive things for their community.

Another benefit og the project was that the young volunteers had to work hard to get agreemnent for their art works to be installed in public places. They had learn to present their ideas to the council and various bodies to get permission and so gained valuable skills as well as creating long standing relationships with the community.

For more information about Morph4us visit the website.

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