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About the project

Our WW1 worked with young people in Brierfield & Nelson to research their families’ connections to WW1, particularly within the Asian heritage community. The project aimed to improve the grades of the young people involved and engage them with history, whilst improving the relationship between the Asian and wider community through raising awareness of their role in WW1 history of India/Pakistan. The project involved community research into the personal stories and experiences linked to the towns.

National Lottery funding paid for the recruitment and training of the young people involved, community events to inform people of their ancestor’s attachment to history, the creation of a blog to follow the project’s progress, and trips to Brighton pavilion and the war graves in Belgium.

Our WW1 has increased the knowledge of the young people and communities involved about the contribution and sacrifice millions of people made in WW1. The project also increased the confidence and raised aspirations of the young people involved, and brought the community closer together, developing good relationships between those working together.

For more information about Our WW1 visit the website.

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