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About the project

Ping Pong Care Campaign is a national campaign that encourages older people to get active by playing ping pong. It comes on the back of the runaway success and inspirational documentary Ping Pong, that follows the extraordinary lives of eight people from across the globe playing in the Over 80s World Table Tennis Championships.

The campaign provides special ping pong packs, perfect in helping older people play, to residential care home settings for free.  Film Foundation BRITDOC, who funded the film that inspired the campaign, says that a lot of older people really connect with the idea of ping pong because when they were younger it was very popular pastime. It’s a super easy and accessible activity perfect for older people, regardless of age, ability, or mobility…it can be played at their own pace and even done whilst sitting down. It increases hand-eye coordination, as well as keeping bodies healthy and minds happy. It’s also good fun.

The campaign has created a lasting impact on hard-to-reach older people in deprived areas, health professionals and the care settings the older people live in.

For more information about Ping Pong Care Campaign visit the website.

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