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About the project

The Postal Museum, which stars the unique underground heritage attraction Mail Rail, launched in full in September 2017. 

The museum stands near London's main sorting office and has transformed from an archive with 3,000 visitors to a national museum looking at the impact of mail on our society; the story of the earliest social network. 

In its first six months, more than 92,000 visitors poured through the doors to explore the museum's two interactive exhibition galleries, school learning space, archive discovery room, and Mail Rail: a subterranean train experience that follows London's 100-year-old postal rail network. 

The museum's remarkable and quirky collections, which span five centuries, include the Royal Mail Archive, postal uniforms, pillar boxes, postal vehicles, and a huge collection of stamps. There is also a vibrant postal-themed play space, Sorted! where kids under eight can enter a miniature world of mail. 

Chair Rick Wills says: “Opening the museum has had a dramatic impact on our ability to engage people from all walks of life, and the level of transformation involved cannot be underestimated. It’s fascinating to see how our rich social history really does appeal to young and old alike and how much fun visitors have engaging with our stories. Lottery funding has been vital in helping us realise our long-term goal, putting our collections back on public display for the first time in 20 years.

For more information about The Postal Museum visit the website.

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