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About the project

Resources for Autism (RfA) runs a range of practical services for people with autism that can move them from crisis to coping. Launched in 1997, the charity relies on staff who are knowledgeable and experienced in working with all age groups. Because the condition impacts differently on each person, services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and their family. When someone needs support a home visit establishes the goals for the programme and regular evaluations ensure that it stays on target.

Based in London but with some provision in the West Midlands, services include art and music therapy, holiday and term-time play and youth groups, adult social and skills groups, a volunteering programme for adults with autism, sibling and parent support groups, a family drop-in on Sundays, volunteer-led 'Reach Out' home support and paid-for, one-to-one community support for more complex cases.

Reach Out, one of the most popular services run by RfA, relies fully on highly-trained volunteers to deliver a home visiting programme over six months that aims to improve communication and play skills, encourage the person with autism to use community services and public transport and supports the family in developing coping strategies. The respite for parents and guardians also reduces the chance of family breakdown. The charity says it has expanded its reach while other services for people with autism are closing, and funding from two National Lottery grants continues to help thousands of people improve their lives.

For more information about Resources For Autism visit the website.

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