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About the project

The Ring of Gullion is the focus of a four-year project supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund that is conserving and enhancing the unique and treasured landscape as well as its cultural heritage. Named after the ring of low, rugged hills that form a 'rampart' around the Slieve Gullion mountain in County Armagh, the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the setting for practical activities involving local people and communities. Primarily aimed at built, human and natural heritage, the partnership includes 24 projects ranging from trail creation and construction to storytelling; and from interpreting the history of the Newry Canal to enhancing the area’s rich biodiversity.

The partnership has brought together people with a wide range of expertise, including geology, built heritage, biodiversity, tourism, agriculture, forestry and recreation. They have helped conserve some of the most threatened habitats in Northern Ireland, such as heather moorlands, through managing erosion around footpaths. Threatened species like the pine marten and the red squirrel are also being given greater protection through wildlife conservation measures such as surveys and winter feeding and making nest boxes.

Thanks to National Lottery funding every 10-11-year-old in the area has taken part in an education programme to trace the origins of their families and homes in their townlands. Hundreds of children have also taken part in community archaeological digs and other fun and educational events.

For more information about Ring of Gullion Landscape Partnership Scheme visit the website.

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