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About the project

The Sainsbury’s 2013 School Games five-day event, held last September in Sheffield, created an inspirational and motivational setting that provided young sports people with the opportunity to thrive and perform at the highest level in an Olympic or Paralympic setting. It was attended by current and past champions (including Hannah Cockcroft and Jason Gardener) who, as Ambassadors for school sport, helped mentor the young people attending the event.

Participants stayed in an Olympic Village and had the chance to learn from and be inspired by 15 professional athletes who provided mentoring advice during the five days. Plus 182 pupils who weren’t quite ready to compete in the Games were selected to take part in the Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP). This was run by three athletes who acted as mentors, and participants could try out new sports and experience what it is like to be an athlete at the School Games event. Alongside the sporting events, attendees could also take part in a number of cultural art, dance and music workshops

More than 10,000 young people from around the country took part in the event, including competitors and volunteers. There were also 25 athletes from Brazil who took part to give the event an international aspect and build excitement to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For more information about Sainsbury's 2013 School Games visit the website.

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