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About the project

SBARC! Rock School gives nine and 10-year-olds the opportunity to perform rock songs in front of a live audience, everything from Nirvana to Green Day. SBARC! is known for more than just its Rock School performances, however. Weekly drama classes and workshops in make-up for film and television, singing in musicals, dance and puppetry give young people the chance to learn about working in the arts.

The project wants to make sure that all members are able to express themselves and learn new skills. Many of the young people involved come from rural areas and difficult backgrounds, so they might not get the opportunity to build their self-confidence anywhere else. All activities are inclusive and young people with all backgrounds and abilities are given the chance to shine.

One particular participant had dyspraxia and was a member of the drama class. She found that the classes and workshops really helped her to overcome her shyness, with her parents noticing that her self-confidence really developed since becoming a member of SBARC!

For more information about SBARC! visit the website.

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