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About the project

The Scarlet Community Music Club have run music workshops with children who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to learn to make music in Lincolnshire since 2004. With the support from The National Lottery, the Club were able to take their successful music workshops out to rural villages in South Lincolnshire, to a younger age group with the ‘Rural Rhythms’ project.

Over two years, the team delivered four sets of workshops in village halls for children ages between five to 13 years old, giving them the chance to play and perform in front of an audience. Young adults between the ages of 13-18 volunteered as teachers to support the groups. The ‘Rural Rhythms’ project has provided children with a unique opportunity, and brought life and creativity to rural communities.

Feedback from all the communities has been terrific, with people saying how much the workshops brought local families together. Many of the young volunteers felt the project had benefited them by increasing their self-confidence and potential for getting into further education – all young leaders who took part received an ‘Arts Award’ which is an accredited UCAS qualification. They also felt that the work experience they had would increase their chances of employment in the future.

For more information about Scarlet Community Music Club, Rural Rhythms visit the website.

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