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About the project

The Community Sport Hubs project works with local communities and authorities to set up hubs in local areas, such as sport centres, community centres, schools and parks, which can be used as a home for sport. The project works to help each new hub to engage the local community, increase participation and offer a range of sporting activities that will bring people together.

With funding from The National Lottery, the project has developed 137 community sports hubs across every local authority in Scotland. Funding has helped to improve activities within the hubs, improve facilities and increase marketing to promote the hub in the community. As a result there are more opportunities to get involved in sport than ever before.

The project is also able to lead and support over 100 community sport hub officers to work with local authorities and deliver the project to a high standard. Community Sports Hubs have been successful in providing a home to over 800 sports clubs which offer 49 different sports to over 85,000.

The Hubs have created fun social environments that engage members of the community from all walks of life. Local people have connected with each other, built new friendships and become more enthusiastic about sport and have begun to lead more active lifestyles.

The project has created more family-focussed sports clubs and many families have begun to lead more active lifestyles. The project has created a number of welcoming and safe environments for all the family and offered a greater choice of sport across many communities.

For more information about Scotland Community Sport Hubs visit the website.

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