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About the project

ScreenLab was a project based at the University of Salford that invited 3 internationally renowned artists to create works that fuse art with technology. The artists used lasers, 3D imaging, screens, projections and mirrors to create hands-on exhibitions, designed to confuse the viewer and give the impression of virtual reality.

Funding from the National Lottery covered the running costs of the project, paying for venue hire for the exhibition, technical staff to support the artists, marketing and project management, and above all, artist fees.

ScreenLab aimed to increase the interest of students and the public in works that use both art and technology, and to explore how art fits in with the modern world. The project also involved talks given by the artists to students and the public about their works, to inspire people and explain the meaning behind them. Students at the University were then able to use the technological resources used to create the exhibition in their own works.

For more information about ScreenLab visit the website.

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