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About the project

Half of all 75-year-olds in the UK live alone, and more than one million older people say they always or often feel lonely. In a survey conducted by ComRes before the launch of The Silver Line Helpline in November 2013, 9 out of 10 older people said that a chat on the phone is the most helpful solution when they are feeingl lonely but 1 in 4 of them said they never or rarely had anyone to talk to. Esther Rantzen’s vision to create a “ChildLine for older people” is a simple concept – a free 24 hour helpline, available every day and night of the year, where you can find out about services in your area, talk in confidence, get some friendly advice or quite simply have a chat. And for people who would appreciate a regular call from the same person every week there are now more than 1500 volunteer Silver Line Friends who share the belief that a simple connection with another human being can be life-changing.   As one caller said “when I get off the phone, I feel like I belong to the human race”. 

For more information about The Silver Line Helpline visit the website.

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