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About the project

The exhibition will focus on the feelings and emotions surrounding hate crime, substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. The project aims to educate the general public about the LGBT community and break down the barriers created by a lack of knowledge and understanding.

The exhibition works to promote harmony and to teach people not to judge others. The project aims to do this by taking photographs of people who have experienced prejudice and alienation because they are different.

Funding from The National Lottery has helped to deliver the exhibition to the public. Printing, framing, equipment, travel expenses and the cost of models were all covered and the funding helped to create exhibition pieces of the highest standard.

The project has also been able to fund exhibition workshops for local groups, where talks and information about the LGBT community and minority groups are given. This works to educate the wider community and help to raise the message of ‘Acceptance’.

SiTP Acceptance has helped a number of people by bringing LGBT people together and creating positive links within the wider community. As the exhibition was held on Staffordshire University campus, it was viewed by people of all ages including students, staff and the general public. This has helped to get the message of the exhibition across to a wide audience and increase understanding and empathy.

The project has helped the LGBT community to feel more welcome in the local area, decreased negative stigma and encouraged friendliness.

For more information about SiTP Acceptance visit the website.

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