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About the project

Somewhereto_ recently took part in a photo shoot, helping us to celebrate 20 years of National Lottery funding.

somewhereto_ is an original concept that aims to utilise two key underused resources: young people and space. somewhereto_ helps young people access a range of different spaces in their communities – from free meeting space in a community centre, to underused theatre halls, studios or empty shop units. The spaces allow young people to explore their passions ranging from art and dance to film-making, photography, music and sport. These spaces are also places to showcase their talents and in some cases, establish new businesses. In this way, somewhereto_ brings empty buildings back into positive use, with the vast majority of space-holders involved saying they would allow more young people to use their space in the future.

With recent Lottery funding, somewhereto_ is working to find space for 17,500 young people by 2016. The project has already resulted in many startup businesses, ranging from entrepreneurs making jam, art and teas, to an online magazine and a green scheme that up-cyles used bikes.

The project also offers a more established workspace to young people by helping them find work experience placements. This proved to be a lifeline for 22-year-old Kyrah who approached somewhereto_ just after her father had been murdered in Jamaica. Kyrah was looking for something positive to keep her focused during a difficult time. The project helped secure her a two-week placement as a co-producer at her local BBC radio station. She has since undergone other placements and has now secured full-time employment.  She remains involved with the project, mentoring other people to develop their ideas.

For more information about somewhereto_ visit the website.

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