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About the project

The South Bank Centre recently featured in a photo shoot, helping us to celebrate 20 years of National Lottery Funding.

South Bank Centre is Europe’s largest centre for the arts and passionately believes the arts have the power to transform lives. The centre received National Lottery support through Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the Royal Festival Hall in order to improve the experience of their visitors and make the arts accessible to everyone.

South Bank Centre received National Lottery awards from Heritable Lottery Fund which allowed the Royal Festival Hall to receive a new walkway, stairs, foyer and pavilion. The building has also been extended, freeing up more space for the Learning and Participation Centre.

South Bank centre plays host to almost 1,000 events a year including, orchestra, theatre and musical performances. It attracts over 3 million people a year and has plans to continue improving the site. By doing this the South Bank Centre is helping to make arts more accessible to the community. This project is just one of many that has benefited from Heritage Lottery Fund support, making great
arts venues more accessible for people country wide.

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