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About the project

n 2003 Omagh’s Town Hall was demolished to make way for the new Strule Arts Centre, which was such fitting as historically the Town Hall was used by local artists and groups to perform and entertain the local people. Strule Arts Centre is an integrated, purpose built arts facility, located in the town centre and is continuing the tradition of arts and culture in the town of Omagh. Used by touring professional companies, musicians, amateur and community groups, Strule Arts Centre has staged international acts, acclaimed drama productions, and yet also provided a space for young people to develop their musical and artistic talents, for adults to learn to draw, write, dance, relax and be entertained.

Strule Arts Centre runs an extensive and dynamic events calendar year-round, and programmes first-class touring theatre, music, comedy, dance and children’s shows on a guarantee, split or rental basis.

For more information about Strule Arts Centre visit the website.

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