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About the project

Through a varied weekly program, SUNEE Substance Misuse Programme (also known at the 2nd Chance Project) uses sport as a tool to transform the lives of those with a desire to change, giving participants the opportunity to develop new skills, gain accredited qualifications and to find work. By providing a friendly atmosphere, it creates a social environment in which community members engage with student volunteers in a programme of activities designed to meet the individual person's needs and improve fitness and mental wellbeing.

National Lottery funding has allowed the project to help students and clients to gain qualifications. This has led to a number of participants gaining their level 1 football qualification meaning that they can assist in the delivery of coaching sessions and create further promotion of outreach schemes which has in turn, seen numbers increase.

One participant who had spent 13 years in and out of prison and was desperate need of a new way in life. When he came to the SUNEE 2nd Chance session, the coach told him that the slate was wiped clean. He believes the programme is exactly what he needed to start again and change his life for the better. He attended 2nd Chance regularly and soon began to notice that his health and fitness was improving. It was his participation in the programme that enabled him to come off drink and drugs. From this he began to think about his future and what he wanted to do with his life. He now volunteers as a Mentor for young offenders.

For more information about SUNEE Substance Misuse Programme visit the website.

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