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About the project

uScreen is about giving young, deaf & disabled people a voice in our increasingly digital online world. As well as free accessible group editing and storyboarding tools, uScreen provides British Sign Language, subtitles, visual captioning and audio description which can be added to the films created by the website’s participants so that everyone can enjoy them.

uScreen also offers a programme of live workshops and screenings alongside a training and professional mentoring opportunities. Many young people continue to benefit from bursaries which have supported them to Make Show and Share their film and ideas with old and new friends as well as develop potential career pathways.

After taking part in one of our uScreen programmes  disabled young person Stephanie Howell commented:  uScreen has helped me get across what I’ve been wanting to say and how I have felt for years…uScreen made me feel that I have a voice.”

uScreen was a semi-finalist in the 2012 National Lottery Awards.


For more information about uScreen visit the website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch