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About the project

Fluxx is a performance group that has been active since 1998 producing thought provoking performances. The aim of Fluxx is to use improvisation in order to discover insight into social conflicts and social psychology. With the help of National Lottery funding the company was able to create and tour the 2012 production of ‘Without Planning Permission’.

‘Without Planning Permission’ is a unique theatre project combining performance, interactivity, improvisation and public engagement. The show invites the audience to become residents of a fictional housing estate operating under a ‘Big Society’ policy, where they meet a number of different characters by moving around a series of tables. Linking all these characters is a story, an immediate crisis that affects everyone in the fictitious neighbourhood. Members of the audience debate the issues and are asked to make a collective decision to resolve the dilemma. They then watch as the story unfolds in front of them in a series of improvised scenes all triggered by their decision.

Fluxx create extremely thought provoking performances in which the audience is essential. ‘Without Planning Permission’ is a performance unlike anything that many audiences would have seen before with the actors having to change their performance each and every time to reflect the decisions made. It is challenging and exciting for the performers and eye opening and thought provoking for the audience.

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