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National Lottery Support for 2012

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The National Lottery raises £30million a week for Good Causes and has raised over £28billion since it began in 1994.

£2.2billion of this funding has gone towards staging the world's greatest sporting event right here in the UK as the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games come to London, but it's not just the event itself that Lottery players have contributed to - it's so much more...

Staging the Games

National Lottery players have quite literally helped to build the Olympics with funding supplied to construct the five major new sports facilities in the Olympic Park: the Olympic Stadium, a new VeloPark, Aquatics Centre, Handball Arena and Hockey Centre. In addition to this National Lottery Good Causes funding has also helped to create landmark venues that will house Olympic events elsewhere in the London, such as Wembley and The 02.

Nurturing Athlete Performance

Thanks to the unique contribution of National Lottery players our athletes are being given World Class support as they prepare for London 2012 and beyond. A proportion of Good Causes money raised by The National Lottery is targeted at over 1,200 of our most talented athletes and has helped to land 438 Olympic and Paralympic Games medals since lottery funding began. This support offers athletes coaching, training and competition support, medical and scientific services, and access to the best facilities that the UK (and often the world) has to offer. Furthermore succeeding in elite sports requires a full-time commitment from our athletes, so lottery funding contributes towards living costs too.

Bringing 2012 into the Community

National Lottery support for 2012 isn't just about elite performance - it's also about creating opportunities for everyone to be inspired by the spirit of the Games. That's why we've funded both the Cultural Olympiad and grassroots sporting projects across the country.