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About the project

This is a project that has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund in Northern Ireland as part of the Reaching Out: Empowering Young People programme. The programme has invested £28.5 million to give ‘at risk’ young people the support and guidance they need to deal with problems and changes in their lives, and to help them develop into successful young adults. ‘At risk’ young people are some of the most vulnerable in society and include those who are, or were, in care, those who are no longer engaged with education and those who have committed, or are at risk of committing, criminal behaviour.

The organisations and projects which have received funding as part of the ‘Reaching Out’ programme are all working to help young people aged 8 to 20 to improve their own lives. In order to help as many people as possible the funding will continue for three to five years. By involving young people in designing, developing and running the projects, organisations can help them to help themselves.

Many projects support young people to develop their skills and take part in education away from the school setting, leading to opportunities for further training and employment. Confidence and life skills workshops are also making sure that positive changes are made for life, and will continue to benefit communities once the projects are complete. The Reaching Out: Empowering Young People programme is no longer open for applications as all the funding has been allocated.

For more information you can search for Northern Ireland press releases in the News and Events section of the Big Lottery Fund website:

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