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More than 7,500 National Lottery grants have been invested into arts, heritage, sport and community projects in Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perth and Kinross since 1994. Discover how you've made this all possible

Dundee Dragons - Gemma Lumsdaine

“Before Dundee Dragons I didn’t have a lot of ambition and didn’t really see myself as fitting in. At my school I was the only person with a physical disability, so I really struggled with my mood and I was quite down. I struggled to accept myself and saw my disability as a negative thing.

“Sport has really given me something to aim towards and Dundee Dragons has changed my whole perspective.”

Hear about the difference that The National Lottery funded Dundee Dragons has made to Gemma’s life…

Did you know?

The Dundee Dragons were founded in 2013, initially as a wheelchair rugby league club, Dundee Dragons was awarded £8,000 of National Lottery funding which has allowed the club to expand to provide activities in basketball, tennis, badminton and curling – adding golf in 2019.

Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club - Kacper Gawlik

“Before being introduced to Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club I was in with the wrong crowd and always getting involved in stupid stuff, like fights and taking drugs.

“If you looked at me two, three years ago I was a totally different person. I didn’t go to school. Motocross has just changed me, it’s a passion, something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve finally managed to take a step in the right way rather than the wrong way.”

Hear about the difference that The National Lottery funded Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club has made to Kacper’s life…

Did you know?

Kacper Gawlik is one of almost 200 young people to have benefitted from the work of the Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club (KORMC) in 2018

Link Up Whitfield - Tammie Brown

“I have suffered with my own demons all my life through drug abuse and alcohol. With the support of Link Up Whitfield they’ve helped build me up – basically, a few times now, not just once, and they’re always there if I need them.

“Having someone to talk to, that was the biggest difference for me when I first came to Link Up because it was so easy to talk to them. If it wasn’t for the funding, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

Hear about the difference that The National Lottery funded Link Up Whitfield has made to Tammie’s life…

Did you know?

Since launch, Link Up has had more than 17,000 people participating and 1,000 volunteering in it's schemes.

SBH Scotland - Kat Aitken

“SBH Scotland has changed my life. I’ve gone from being distraught, upset, feeling alone and feeling like the only person in the world who has a child with Spina Bifida, to having the confidence to be able to talk about it, meet families and realise that there are people out there for you.

“Now I’m more confident that Jessica is going to flourish and she’s become her own little person, she’s not categorised as a baby with Spina Bifida. She’s a person. She’s Jessica. And she’s going to be able to overcome anything that comes in her way.”

Hear about the difference that the #NationalLottery funded project has made to Kat’s family’s life…

Did you know?

Stronger Links, Stronger Families has benefitted from £330,796 of National Lottery funding over a three-year period and has been able to extend its reach to Dundee and Fife from 2018. It is currently engaged with 47 families across all areas.

The Ecology Centre - Cameron

“The biggest change we’ve seen in Cameron is that he is much more inclined to be involved with staff and volunteers in terms of conversation and will make and hold eye contact.

“The change has taken a while, but he is now much more settled. We’re all very proud of his progress.”

Read about how The Ecology Centre changed Cameron’s life here: Fife's The Ecology Centre praised for transformational impact on young volunteer Cameron

Did you know?

Thanks to £920,000 of National Lottery funding, The Ecology Centre recently created its ‘Passivhaus’ building and developed land on the eastern banks of Kinghorn Loch – land bought with help from Scotland’s Community Right to Buy Scheme.

Nae Limits - Mabel Robertson

“This is like an extended family I’ve got at Nae Limits, because they are always there for you no matter what. It would make a difference in my life if I didn’t have them there.”

Inspirational nonagenarian Mabel Robertson has explained how friendships forged through a Dundee dance group now feel more like family and have helped her cope with the loss of her cousin.

Read about how Nae Limits has become an extended family to Mabel and others here: A Jive and kicking

Did you know?

National Lottery funding was awarded in 2017 to enable Nae Limits to run events once a month to meet demand, to manage the funds required and keep ticket prices down.

V&A Dundee - Alisa

V&A Dundee has changed my life in many ways. It’s given me a chance to stay locally and do something amazing. One of my neighbours I’ve grown up with and who is supportive of me, when I got the job she told me it is so amazing that Dundee is able to give me this opportunity and I think that sums it up.

“One of the big changes I see in Dundee is there is a lot of civic pride, people are really proud of their city. I’ve always loved and been proud of my city but it’s great to see people from outside of Dundee also now realising how amazing the city truly is.”

Hear about the difference that the National Lottery funded project has made to Ailsa’s life…

Did you know?

V&A Dundee – Scotland’s first design museum – opened in September 2018, attracting more than 100,000 visitors in the first three weeks alone

Dundee FC & Dundee United - Owen & Derek

Supported by National Lottery funding, DFC In The Community Trust and Dundee United Community Trust are helping fans’ physical and mental health Two Dundonians spanning 45 years in age have told of the common ingredient supporting their positive lifestyles – football.

DFC In The Community Trust and Dundee United Community Trust, both projects that have been supported by The National Lottery, have given a timely reminder of football’s ability to have a meaningful impact on the lives of locals.

Read more about how these two Dundee football clubs have teamed up here: Football In Dundee proving a force for good thanks to work of community trusts connected to the city's two professional football clubs

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