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TV conservationist Chris Packham celebrates National Lottery climate change champions with new mural at The Eden Project

Chris Packham, environmentalist, presenter and author, unveiled the striking artwork today at The Eden Project in Cornwall to raise awareness of Milly’s incredible achievements, made possible through funding from The National Lottery and to encourage others to do their bit to save the planet

The artwork, created by Jody Thomas depicts a spray paint portrait of Milly, created from CO2 absorbing paint and reused materials, on a hexagonal canvas mirroring the Eden Project’s famous domes

Chris Packham and Milly Revill Hayward next to her portrait at The Eden Project.

Environmentalist Chris Packham has unveiled a new mural at The Eden Project depicting the outstanding work of eco warrior, Milly Revill Hayward, who has been honoured for her work tackling climate change.

Milly, from RSPB Scotland, was part of The National Lottery funded Flows to the Future project which restored one of Europe’s largest expanses of bogland in Caithness and Sutherland that had been damaged by forestry planting. The project, which received £4.6 million in National Lottery funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, worked to involve and connect people with this habitat and deliver economic benefits for one of the least densely populated areas of Scotland.

The artwork unveiled at world-renowned eco attraction, The Eden Project in Cornwall, has been created by renowned British artist Jody Thomas, who specialises in freehand photorealistic pieces in spray paint. The installation depicts a portrait of Milly on a canvas while also highlighting the elements of the specifies she saved with the Flows to the Future project. The format mirrors the hexagons of the Eden Project, using CO2 absorbing paint and reused materials the artwork highlights the incredible steps, that people are taking to tackle climate change.

The installation forms part of The National Lottery’s campaign championing those helping to restore and preserve the UK’s historic and beautiful landscape and raising awareness of the difference people can make in tackling climate change.

Chris Packham next to Milly Revill Hayward's portrait at The Eden Project.

Chris Packham CBE said: “Across the UK, people are doing incredible work to tackle climate change and one such example is Milly, whose fantastic work in Scotland has been beautifully captured through this striking piece of art created by Jody Thomas. It was a privilege to unveil the artwork and I hope this will inspire people across the UK to create or support other environmental projects in their community, as the smallest step can have the biggest impact on the world around us”

Milly Revill Hayward said: “I am honoured to be featured in this beautiful mural, sitting in one of the most important spaces in the world for nature research and conservation. Funding from The National Lottery has been instrumental in the Flows to the Future project, and thanks to them we have been able to restore approximately 7 square miles of blanket bog that have been severely damaged, and as a result key peatland species such as greenshank, golden plover and dunlin have been able to flourish. I hope this artwork inspires others to get involved in initiatives to help protect our environment so future generations can enjoy the natural world for years to come.”

Eilish McGuinness, Chief Executive of The National Lottery Heritage Fund, added: “Thanks to National Lottery players, who raise £30 million per week for good causes, we have been able to help preserve places of natural and historic beauty, so that we can all enjoy them today, and in the future. Across the UK, people and communities have an immense dedication to tackling issues and the work highlighted through the art from Jody Thomas captures some of the inspirational people, like Milly and the Flows to the Future project, who are making huge strides to protect the environment and combat climate change.”

Milly Revill Hayward's artwork portrait at The Eden Project

Alongside the installation, three additional digital portraits in The National Lottery’s Peoples’ Portraits series have been created by digital artist, Yoniest Chun, which capture the stories of other individuals and projects who have achieved incredible things for their communities and peers in the environmental space. These include Simon Myers from charity Gasworks Dock Partnership in London, Veronika Brannovic from Torfaen Local Nature Partnership in Wales and David Bolton from Fermanagh Beekeepers Association in Northern Ireland, who have all received National Lottery funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Chris Packham, Milly Revill Hayward and Jody Thomas with her portrait at The Eden Project.

The artwork will be available to view at the Eden Project in Cornwall until Monday 14th November. For more information on National Lottery funding, visit

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